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How we work

Every search assignment is tailored for the specific needs of the position and the employer. The structure of the engagement will be determined after the initial discussion with us.

Retained Search

Get a better idea of our personalized hospitality, real estate and financial recruiting services by looking over answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Contingency Search

Under this scenario, we earn our fee only if and when a candidate introduced by us is hired. There is no charge until employment commences. The guarantee period will range based on the seniority of the position.

Fees and Guarantees

Our fees are based on a percentage of the placement¹s first year base salary plus any guaranteed bonus. We guarantee all of our placements, for a substantial period of time based upon the level of position. Should a placement not last for any reason within the term of the guarantee period, a full credit is applied towards the search to replace. This guarantee would not apply if the client decides to eliminate the position altogether. Special fees may be negotiated for multiple search assignments.

Frequently asked questions


Get a better idea of our personalized hospitality, real estate and financial recruiting services by looking over answered to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Why choose Schrier Wirth Executive Search?

We tell our clients that it is more up to them than us. We typically will present the first few resumes within two to three weeks time. After that, how fast the interview process proceeds is entirely dictated by the client. We will continue searching for additional candidates until the client tells us to stop. Typically, negotiating an offer and reference checking can take up to one week.

A company may choose to use a recruiter for any or all of the following reasons:

  • Very often the "right" candidate is not someone who is necessarily in the market for a new position. If posting a job on a website or in a newspaper, it only attracts those people actively looking.

  • The more specialized the position the more research should be done to locate the right candidates.

  • There is no one at the organization with the time or the resources to put forth a search effort.

  • On occasion an existing employee is being replaced and confidentiality is essential.

  • Candidates presented by recruiters are pre-screened.

  • A third party negotiator can often be very effective.

  • Reference checking, an essential part of any hire can and should be completed by the recruiter. Contact us today to learn more!

How long does a search usually take?

What resources do we use?

Our staff are members of many industry organizations including The Cornell Hotel Society and Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International. We are constantly networking which allows us to stay current with the top talent in the hospitality industry. Additionally, we attend several industry trade show and conferences every year. Our internal database contains thousands of qualified candidates.

Who are some of our satisfied clients?

We have a wide range of satisfied clients, from large hotel chains to small independent operators. Additionally we have worked with many well known and prestigious hotel investment and advisory firms, and the industry's leading consulting firms. We have also worked with city and country clubs, hotel REITS, and a leading assisted living company. Some of these clients include:

Watermark Capital Partners
The Caribbean Property Group
Kimpton Hotels and Resorts
Newport Harbor Corporation
Peninsula Hotels
RLJ Lodging Trust
Cape Resorts
The Peachtree Hotel Group
Xenia Hotels and Resorts
Furnished Quarters
HEI Hotels & Resorts
Leading Hotels of the World
Ramsfield Hospitality Finance
Colony Northstar Acquisitions
The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach
Ocean House Management
Denihan Hotel Group
Newport Harbor Corporation
The Westchester Country Club

What if it doesn't work out?

All of our positions have guarantee periods based on a number of factors, such as the seniority of the position, the fee structure, and whether or not it was a retained or contingency search. Schrier Wirth will offer a full credit towards the replacement of the individual in accordance with the terms negotiated based on such factors.

What positions do we focus on?

We conduct searches for mid level, senior, and headquarters positions. Our hospitality real estate placements include but are not limited to, Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, and Asset Managers. Our operations related placements include CFO's, Regional Managers, Hotel General Managers and various Department Heads.

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