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We believe in developing and maintaining close working relationships with our clients. We develop a customized strategy for each search assignment and follow this overall framework:

  • Meet with appropriate members of management to determine job responsibilities, candidate requirements, starting compensation, reporting relationship, and client culture

  • Formulate a comprehensive position specification

  • Develop a customized search strategy

  • Evaluate large numbers of prospective candidates through personal interviews and preliminary investigations

  • Provide confidential information on each candidate who meets the position specification for consideration by the client

  • Arrange interviews between the client and all candidates judged by the client to warrant employment consideration based on a review of the confidential information provided

  • Conduct thorough reference checking of each candidate when requested by the client

  • Provide support throughout the negotiation process

  • Follow up with post-search consultation

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Sample placements

Chief Development Officer

General Manager

Vice President of Real Estate Portfolio Management

Vice President of Asset Management

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Analysts and Senior Analysts

Vice President of Revenue Management

Vice President of Human Resources

Executive Vice President of Acquisitions

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